Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Local Chinese Escort Girl in Kuala Lumpur Area

Chinese Escorts
Beautiful KL Local Chinese Escort Girl in Malaysia, We name in Cantonese ( Leng Lui ) are really really high demanding in town.Because in Malaysia is very rare you can obtain a beautiful and  high class local Chinese escort in Town. In the past year i was back to Malaysia actually i'm a Malaysian,currently i'm staying in Australia for my education and Career since many years ago i really do not recall my mind.Alright stop talking on about myself. Let's move to the hot topic that every men eager on it.Back to the past year i went back to Malaysia staying in Kuala Lumpur JW marriot Hotel for one night I was so glad that i'm back to Malaysia KL so i have a walk to bukit bintang area for my shopping seeing so many Thailand girl and Indonesian girls on the road side promoting for their massage centre,Of course i never care of them once i walked to a hotel near federal hotel somebody is running toward on me, What a shock !! luckily he is asking me ( leng chai ) in english mean handsome " You need a girl can send for you viewing " then i smile and said sorry i'm not interested because that time i'm going for the club as i remember name @live for my drink.After my fun time in the club i was taking a cab back to my hotel due to late night i'm really worrying my security.once i arrived safe in my hotel room feeling so bored alone at the room and i was so regret why i didn't ask for the phone number from that guy. So no choice time is late better staying in the room the only way i can do take out my Iphone online for escort services. so i saw there are a lot of escort agency online oh my god ! Malaysia nowadays became so hot on escort line i thought only in Caucasian countries even from the street i can get girls.yeah !! maybe I'm long time not coming back and out of generation..Ha ha ..Searching for the escort agency eventually got one are really interesting me therefore i calling the agency for inquiry actually this is my 1st time I'm calling the escort agency to book a girl.The receptionist was a man i think in 30's but seem like very good in communication skill and very polite,because i was staying in JW marriot hotel within the city area he told me i can choose my escort girl. to be continue .....